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Published 09/02/2009 and rated Ratingstars3 3 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
Deadpooled, not active anymore
What can you use the app for? lets users collect and share photos in a “room” with friends and family. Users upload photos to their room, organize them into albums and share the URL to the room. Friends and family can then download those photos or upload their own photos to the room. The creator of the room becomes the room administrator, meaning they can delete photos uploaded by other users. The only other person who can delete photos from a room is the person who uploaded them. Other users do not have to login to the site to use a room – they simply visit the URL of the room and begin using it. Rooms come with 2GB of photo storage and unlimited uploading and downloading. There is no limit on the number of albums that can be created or the number of people who can use a room. Users can share albums easily on Facebook and also import albums from Facebook. Photos within an album can be rearranged or moved to another album using a drag and drop interface. The room has a zoom feature, which allows the user to increase or decrease the size of the photos being displayed in an album.

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What is the history and popularity of the app? was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Berger, Michael Kodiak and Laura Savidge.

What are the differences to other apps?

Competition to Picurio comes from some major sites, such as Picasa Web Albums and Flickr. Picasa Web Albums is a sub-site associated with Google’s Picasa web-based photo editing software. Flickr started as a photo site but now allows for sharing of photos and videos. Both Flickr and Picasa Web Albums are entirely free services, while Picurio is a paid service unless you keep referring people to the site.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The Picurio site has a very Web 2.0 look and feel. Pages are clean and uncluttered and the user interface is very intuitive. The upload and download features work very well, and the site is quite responsive. There is a convenient top toolbar shown for each room on the site, with toolbar icons to perform common tasks such as uploading, downloading and deleting photos. There is no advertising displayed on the site.

How does the registration process work?

Registration to the Picurio site is free and is required in order to create a room. The registration process asks for email address, password and a room name for the first room the user creates. Validation of the email address is not required. The Picurio site offers both free and paid rooms. The process to maintain a free room requires the user to refer friends to the service. For each new member who joins the site through a user’s room, 2 weeks is added to the time that the room will be maintained. As long as the user is referring new users, the room will remain free.

What does it cost to use the application?

Paid rooms can be created initially, or the user can convert a free room to a paid room. The cost for a paid room is $4.95 per month. The site accepts Visa and Mastercard as payment methods for a paid room. The registration for a paid room asks for name, credit card number and expiration date. Once a paid room is created, the $4.95 fee will be deducted each month until the user cancels the room.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Picurio is aimed at people who want to share their photos.

  • Users can upload photos to a “room” and share them with friends and family
  • Users can create albums within rooms
  • Friends and family can upload photos to rooms
  • A room contains 2GB of photo storage and an unlimited number of albums and users
  • A free room can be maintained by referring new users to the site
  • A paid room costs $4.95 per month

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